Pick up a silver crochet hook or pair of knitting needles, and you’ll immediately understand the ‘why’ of silver yarn tools. The warmth of the metal, as you hook or knit, the way it slips through your work, yet holds the yarn. Silver loves to be touched – and working with it in such a tactile, creative way is, quite simply, a joy.


Inspired by my own love of yarns, fabrics and all the processes around wool – crochet, knitting, weaving, spinning – the silver yarn tools and accessories I create are individual, each cut differently, yet all impart the same invitation – to pick up, to touch, to enjoy.


My portfolio of yarn tools includes crochet hooks and double pointed needles and I make a range of accessories including buttons and bodkins. If there’s something specific you have in mind, I also accept commissions.





As a wool enthusiast myself, I’m very aware that a big part of the pleasure is using materials and tools that feel ‘right’. Whether crocheting a blanket or knitting a pair of socks, everyone has their own preference as to the type of hook or needle they like to use, their favourite brands and types of yarn, not to mention colours they prefer to work with. Silver yarn tools are an investment in the fundamental enjoyment of the process of creating. Not only do they feel wonderful to hold, the hooks and needles I create work incredibly well with all types of wool, holding without catching, slipping easily through your work as it grows. These are yarn tools that invite you to sit down, pick up your latest project and while away the hours.


Each piece is handmade in my studio in Pembrokeshire, and every hook and needle is unique. I use sterling silver, and every item I make is tested and hallmarked by the Assay Office in Birmingham before it is ready to go to its new home.


The only maker of sterling silver yarn tools in the UK, and one of only two in the world, I also make a range of sterling silver jewellery, inspired by nature and by the landscapes of West Wales.

5mm Crochet Hook.jpg

Taking a rod of silver, forming the head, letting inspiration flow to create individual designs which lend each hook its own individual character, crochet hooks were the first yarn tools I developed.


Heirloom pieces for sure, yet very much designed to be used every day – perfectly weighted, beautiful to look at, warm and graceful yet inherently solid and comforting to hold, silver makes a perfect crochet hook. Whenever I’m at a wool fair, I see how silver draws people to it, how they want to pick up and start working with the crochet hooks I create.


I make silver crochet hooks in a range of sizes from 2.5mm to 7mm, available to buy from my online shop or in person at the wool fairs I attend across the UK.  If you are looking for something a bit different, or perhaps a bespoke set of hooks with a specific design, I would love to talk to you about your ideas, and work on your commission.


Silver is a delight to handle. Turned into exclusive crochet hooks, it’s a metal that really comes into its own. It moves smoothly through your work, gripping the wool without splinters or sticking. Each hook I create is unique, made by hand with a hand-forged thumb plate designed so that the finished crochet hook sits perfectly in your hand as you work. The inspiration for the designs that I add to the hooks come from many sources – from the Pembrokeshire landscapes and seascapes that surround me where I live and work, from architectural shapes that catch my eye, from the fabrics and yarns I work with. Sometimes I’ll add precious stones to the crochet hook, carefully chosen to balance the size and weight of the hook itself.

Every crochet hook I make is sent to the Birmingham Assay Office where it is tested and hallmarked with the assay office mark, a date mark and my own maker’s mark confirmation of the quality of the silver I work with.

I also make silver knitting needles and accessories

– take a look!


Knitting is one of my own loves, along with silver, so it made perfect sense to me to create silver knitting needles that I could use myself, and inspire my fellow enthusiasts in the knitting community.

Knitting in the round – it’s a bit of an obsession. Fuel that obsession with sterling silver double pointed needles! DPNs are the oldest solution to creating the tubes of knitting perfect for socks and hats with no need to sew up seams when you’re done. I create sterling silver DPNs to bring added allure to your knitting basket. These heirloom sets are as practical and usable as they are a joy to look at. Silver works incredibly well as a material for yarn tools – not only does it slip easily through the stitches as you knit, silver also holds the wool as you work.

Silver is happiest when it’s being used – double pointed knitting needles in hallmarked sterling silver just become more beautiful every time you pick them up, cast on, knit. They feel warm in your hands and are incredibly special to work with.


My most popular needles are double pointed needles, ideal for knitting in the round when you don’t want a seam. I also create pairs of silver knitting needles, each hand finished with unique designs reflecting the natural world and the Pembrokeshire countryside where I live.

Each piece is hallmarked by the Assay Office in Birmingham. Once checked and returned, I finish off the needles and polish them so they are in perfect condition and ready to be used. Alongside knitting needles and crochet hooks, I have a range of sterling silver accessories including cable needles, bodkins, stitch markers and pick up hooks as well as silver buttons to complete your work.

If you would like a bespoke set, please get in touch –

I am always happy to talk about commissions.


Cable needles, stitch markers, pick up hooks, bodkins… indispensable to the knitter or crocheter – and when fashioned from silver, a delight to use. These are real treats

– the perfect gift for a friend, or for yourself.


Complete your work with sterling silver buttons – a luxurious touch to add a final flourish, lifting the finished piece.


I copied one of the first bodkins I made from an antique design, a 17th Century bodkin. The connection with craftswomen from years gone by adds an extra dimension to working with silver in this way – a real echo of the past. I also create simpler designs which you may prefer to work with.


Knit the perfect cables – mark your cables with sterling silver cable needles. Silver holds yarn well. The etched design in the centre of the needle is a clever way to secure your stitches while you work.


Beautiful, hand fashioned silver stitch markers. Why? Because they are so much fun to work with, and so pleasing to the eye. A treat, perhaps, but may be there’s a place in your stash for a set of these little gems?


I am always excited to work on commissions for yarn tools, alongside my regular pieces, crochet hooks, double pointed knitting needles and accessories. Perhaps a chunkier crochet hook, a set of hooks embellished with stones or a particular design that has inspired you.

Whether for yourself or to give as a gift, silver yarn tools are practical as well as beautiful – things to be used very day: the saying goes that ‘age becomes her’. With silver, it’s ‘use’ that becomes her, obtaining a lustre, a sheen that develops the more you pick up the item and work with it.

All my yarn tools are individual pieces – a bespoke creation allows you to put your own stamp on your heart’s desire.


When a customer approached me to create a 7 mm crochet hook, I was inspired by her excitement at the prospect of working with such a distinctive tool – something that would encourage her to pick up her project and get going. Solid silver, it’s undoubtedly weighty, but comfortingly so, with a freeform design embellishing the finished piece.


I’m always excited about commissioned pieces – but as a knitter myself, creating a pair of 175mm sterling silver knitting needles, set with bullet amethyst, for a client, was a real delight.