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I’ve recognised jewellery, and silver, as something ‘special’ for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s a piece full of meaning, a gift or a legacy, or simply something you bought just because you love it, jewellery is always personal.


Silver is both sophisticated yet simple, alluring yet innocent. It has a warmth about it, always invites you to slip on the bangle, to fix in the earrings, to drape the necklace -  and it looks better and better as it acclimatises to your body


I create wearable silver jewellery, a simple bangle or ring adding lustre to your daily routine – to more design led, statement pieces, worthy of the most glamorous night out. My pieces often reflect the natural world – intertwined brambles rambling across companion wedding rings, enigmatic Carn Llidi etched into a pendant, shells collected on a beach, cast to become a feature in a shawl pin.


My other loves, yarn, fabrics and all things related, are also reflected in my jewellery – elegant neckpieces featuring buttons, a bangle fashioned from a crochet hook, a sterling silver pick up hook doubling as a unique drop from a silver chain.





The warmth silver brings to every piece of jewellery, even the most sophisticated neckpiece or wrist cuff, makes it a joy to wear. The individual elements of my work stand on their own and yet can come together as bigger, more complex pieces –  silver buttons, etched with leaves or shell designs which individually can adorn a shawl pin or an earring, can be woven together with delicate loops of silver into a stunning neckpiece. I also create beautiful items designed for everyday wearing – earrings, rings, bangles, shawl pins.


My inspiration comes from the landscapes of Pembrokeshire, the natural world and beyond. I also work with talented, local artists, taking elements of their drawings and paintings (with their agreement of course!) and capturing them in pendants, earrings and medallions for shawl pins and other pieces.


If you are looking for a unique, bespoke piece of jewellery – perhaps a set of rings to mark your engagement and marriage or a bracelet for a special birthday, I can help translate your ideas into beautifully designed, exclusive pieces.


Bracelets have been worn for thousands of years – they have huge cultural symbolism. Today, wearing a bracelet can be purely decorative, or be steeped in memory and emotion.


Wrapping your wrist in a ring of silver, perhaps a gift from a significant friend or family member, is a way of taking memories and emotions with you as you go about your life. It may be a commissioned piece, a gift, or something you bought at a particular moment in time and will forever carry those memories. Equally, you may simply be seduced by the beauty of a line, the playfulness of a design, a whim that you can’t resist.


Working primarily in sterling silver, the bracelets and bangles I create are all individual, inspired by the patterns and shapes of the natural world, of fabrics I work with, of architecture.

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Earrings could be one of the oldest forms of jewellery ever to decorate the human body – certainly, there’s something alluring about a sparkle, a flash of silver on the ear lobe.


Earrings are a very personal choice – and of course you choose different styles for different occasions and to suit your mood. Sleepers for day to day, something more decorative for an evening out or a special occasion.

I design silver earrings to be worn whatever the day or event. My designs often capture snippets of the Pembrokeshire countryside – shells from the beaches of Solva and Newgale moulded in wax and cast into sterling silver to be mounted onto a stud finding or to hang from a drop, or native flowers etched into a fingertip sized plate. Sometimes, the silver buttons I make for my knitting and crochet clients find their way into earrings too!

All my earrings are sterling silver. I sell online and through outlets local to me in West Wales. Take a look – if there’s something specific you are after, I am happy to work on a commission basis too.


Whatever your reason for wearing a neckpiece, however you wear it, you’re continuing an ancient tradition, one in which the neckpiece you wore would be full of cultural significance. From simple pieces to more complex, design-led creations, all my neckpieces are wearable yet create that feeling of significance and individuality that comes from selecting a special piece of jewellery.

Living in the Pembrokeshire countryside, the coast and the hills that surround me often find their way into the designs for my jewellery – pendants fashioned from the shells that litter the local beaches, leaves etched onto medallions, delicate bees. I also incorporate some aspects of the yarn tool side of my work into neckpieces – linking silver buttons with simple silver loops to create an intricate piece, or hanging a decorative stitch picker from a simple chain.

Silver creates beautiful jewellery, lending class and sophistication to the simplest neckpiece. Every item I create is individual, unique, subtly different to every other – you may not be looking to invest in a neckpiece, but when something speaks to you, it can often be impossible to resist! 


Combining the qualities so admired by William Morris, silver shawl pins are beautiful and useful additions to your jewellery collection. Hand crafted in sterling silver in my workshop in Pembrokeshire, I incorporate designs inspired by my love of yarns and fabric, and of the area where I live, to produce unique shawl pins to complement and complete your outfit.


As symbolic as bracelets and bangles, rings have significance in many cultures. Today, while rings may most commonly be thought of as representing love and commitment, a well- chosen ring can simply be an ornament to bring pleasure, or a statement of something else entirely – a mood, a memory, a place.

I make rings from sterling silver incorporating precious and semi-precious stones and other metals, gold providing subtle contrast in some pieces. Visit the shop page which showcases a selection of the rings I have for sale.

Commissioning a ring – or a set of rings – is a journey many people take to celebrate special occasions. Engagements, marriage, commitment where ceremony is not desired, a commissioned ring introduces an intensely personal element to your commemoration


Jewellery is incredibly intimate – it says something profound about the wearer. The choice of metals, the designs, the size – chunky or delicate, jewellery is both a reflection of the person wearing it, and a statement.


You may see a piece that calls to you from a display, already crafted. Sometimes, though, only a commission will capture the essence of what you want to say or reflect a moment in time.


Whatever the occasion, I love working with people – couples, individuals, families – to create timeless, bespoke pieces of jewellery. These are pieces that will be treasured forever by their owners, heirlooms to pass down to future generations.