I’ve been drawn to jewellery, particularly silver jewellery, for as long as I can remember – certainly from the point where I could recognise jewellery as something special. Silver has a special power to draw people in – it’s soft and warm, and has the wonderful ability to improve the more it’s handled, used or worn. I’ve been hooked all my life!


My first experience of jewellery making came early, when an inspirational teacher introduced silver jewellery making during a metal work class at school. That experience stayed with me – the feeling of recognition it inspired in me – an appreciation that this was how it was done – and that this was something I could do.

During my first career, in roles that consumed much of my energy, I craved an outlet for my creative side. I found this in what is my other love - working with yarns and fabrics, knitting, crochet, quilting. My obsession with silver manifested itself in purchases - design-led silver jewellery which I discovered during travels in the UK and abroad.


A serendipitous moment came in 2005 when my time freed up and a silver jewellery making course hit my radar. I took the opportunity to revive my desire to make my own jewellery – and once I started, found myself unable to stop. All roads eventually led to Pembrokeshire, where I now devote myself to silver.


My work now reflects my loves of silver, jewellery and all things yarn and fabric, my designs often inspired by the land and seascapes of West Wales. I’m the only maker of silver yarn tools in the UK and one of only two (that I know of) in the world. Try working a blanket, a sock, a wrap using a silver crochet hook or a set of silver DPNs and you’ll be smitten too. The hooks and needles are complemented with a range of accessories – buttons, pick up hooks, cable needles, bodkins, and stitch markers


My jewellery is wearable whether you choose an ‘everyday’ bangle or pair of earrings, or a more sophisticated piece. I often incorporate elements from my range of yarn tools into jewellery pieces – using buttons in neck pieces or pick up hooks as decorative pendants. My designs are also inspired by nature and the countryside where I live, and I work with local artists, incorporating elements of their art into my designs.


You’ll find me at wool shows around the country. I always have yarn with me so you can have a go – and discover the ‘why’ of silver yarn tools for yourself – check the Events page to see where I’m planning to be over the next few months.